When A Vacation is Actually a Vacation

Hey Mama, remember your last family vacation? The one where you lounged gloriously by the pool and finished that book you loved. The one with the spa and the kid lounge so your children were busy all day and happy for dinner and bed time.


I bet you were chasing your littles making sure they had sunscreen on, didn’t drown or kill each other over pool toys, and ate something other than french fries. Did you even get to finish your lunch or dinner? And were you stuck making a run to the store because, even though you guys over packed, you forgot the swim diapers? Yeah, sounds way too familiar.

Thankfully, I’ve found a solution to the madness.

My husband and I recently took a long weekend stay-cation at a nearby resort. It was so dreamy. I didn’t think we could ever have a vacation where we truly felt on vacation.

Let me start by saying that we chose this resort specifically for all the kid-focused activities they offer. In addition to a great pool, several restaurants to choose from, and wide open spaces, they have a lounge for children (must be potty trained) with a ton of supervised activities for a full day.

The pool area has sand, so it’s like the beach without the humidity and salty water, and a lazy river with tubes so you can really relax with your kiddo in tow. It also has a giant slide for big kids and adults who need to reconnect with their inner child. There are pony rides, fishing, s’mores nightly, food trucks, train rides, free bike ‘rentals,’ pet longhorns and alpacas you can visit, dance parties, and rotating entertainers like balloon art, etc.

This one had a killer golf course and a spa for mama and papa to enjoy a bit of TLC on our own.

The kicker for us was that we had to share a room with our little one which made bed time tricky. Our solution? Let him stay up a little past bedtime, share a beer in the garden and let him run around with all the other kids whose parents were doing the exact same thing.

While I was waiting for hubs to bring over my nightcap I came upon a woman sitting alone in the middle of a giant couch in the lounge by the doors to the back garden. She was giddily sipping on a glass of red wine. We started to chat and she said had two boys, but was enjoying this brief moment of peace while dad took them to the restroom. She told me they come here from Dallas every year to enjoy the long weekend at this particular resort because of the freedom her entire family enjoys while being there. She said her kids were “assholes” – her words, not mine- and it was wonderful to let them run around, yell, jump, and be annoying since everyone else’s kids were doing the same thing! She and her husband enjoy dinner on a restaurant patio while their kids take a quick bike ride and everyone is safe and happy.

This place is dreamy. It’s also pet friendly, so you can take your furry friends on the family holiday.

If you’re looking for a little getaway that will be great for you AND yours, I highly recommend looking into this kind of resort- family focused, with everything you need within so you don’t have to leave: food, entertainment, lodging, activities, and a little extra love for mom.

We spent our time at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines in Cedar Creek, just a 30-minute drive from Austin. San Antonio also has a few that we looked into – Hilton Hill Country Hotel and Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort.

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Karen Trombetta
Karen Trombetta was born and raised in Celaya, Guanajuato and moved to Texas at 13. She has a deep love for travel and found the perfect partner in a Sicilian man with whom she’s traveled to destinations near and far. Karen has a two-year-old son, who rocks her world. She loves learning everything about different cultures; their food, language, and customs. Prior to focusing on her son, Karen was the Director of Special Events at LifeWorks.