What Does Serving Yourself Look Like?

The other day I was sitting around with my girlfriends/colleagues (don’t you love that they can be both?) and we were talking about self-care and how we can’t pour from an empty cup – and it all kind of sounded squishy squashy.

We were talking about these wonderful ideas – but I realized we weren’t saying anything concrete. So I asked, “What does serving yourself look like?” And one of my friends said, “Taking time for me, and rejuvenating.” And it still sounded squishy to me. So I pressed, “What does that mean?” “Give me examples – give me details!” I’m so bossy.

I wanted the three of us to stop talking in fluffy talk and actually say concrete things out loud.

Serving myself looks like _____________________________________________.

I had to think about it for a few minutes. And then I went first.

I said, serving myself looks like:

  • disconnecting from social media – Gasp.
  • good, warm, nourishing food – not eating over the kitchen counter – 95% of my food.
  • prayer and time with God – alone and quiet.
  • reading – something funny. Currently reading, For the Love, and Jen Hatmaker makes me laugh outloud.
  • alone time with my husband – does not include television.
  • dancing – anywhere.
  • time with girlfriends – thank you, Jesus.
  • time alone in nature – the best.

These aren’t all the things that serve me. And they may not serve me forever, but they sure serve me during this season of my life. If I can do 1-2 of these a day I feel pretty good. And if I get around to doing 3-4 of them, watch out!

We all talk about self-care, and the truth is self-care takes time, it takes prioritizing, and it takes conscious effort.

Sometimes when we have an hour we watch tv, or scroll our phones or go get a manicure –and all of those things are fun and good – but do they really fill us up? Or are we just doing these things out of habit?

Let’s cut the fluff out of our conversations. Let’s not wax poetic about pouring into our cup – and not take any action. Let’s give ourselves permission to get clear on what we need and then give ourselves permission to go and find it.

Featured Image: Angela Doran

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Catia Holm
Catia Hernandez Holm inspires audiences through her candid and poignant motivational writings, videos, and her signature movement, the “Confidence Revolution.” She teaches women how to experience peace and joy, and how to make the most of their days. Through her writing and speaking, she pours energy into encouraging women to RISE and BECOME their most authentic selves and claim their power, peace and joy. Her debut book, The Courage to Become, will be released fall 2017. Catia is a proud wife and mama to two beautiful girls.