Danielle Sobel’s Wellness Routine

For Danielle, wellness is a serious business. And lucky for us, we all get to benefit. Danielle launched Juice Society in 2014, delivering the highest quality juices, followed by a brick and mortar two years later. Using all organic fruits and veggies, glass bottles, special juicing methods, and ingredients most of us have never heard of, Danielle and Juice Society are taking us to new levels. And in 2016, Danielle purchased a 6.2 acre farm to aide her business in product control, sustainability, and community. I told you she’s serious.

After a visit or two to Juice Society, you’ll be hooked. At least I am. The space, the juice, and the food inspire living a healthier and cleaner life, with Danielle leading us. Scroll down to learn all about her daily wellness routine.

What time do you wake up and what wakes you up? I usually wake up at 6:45am every day and don’t really need an alarm. Except for the days I do a 6am workout, then I DEFINITELY need my alarm.

First thing you do in the morning? Unfortunately, check my phone. Im trying to not do so right away. Typically though, I let the dogs out, make myself tea or matcha and read the news on the porch for about 30 minutes. I love being outside in the AM. Then its off to my workout.

Favorite workout? Ive been switching it up lately and rotating between Lagree, CRUSH, and boxing. I think boxing is my new favorite work out. You feel like such a badass.

Favorite workout gear? Im not brand loyal so any black leggings and cute top will do.

What do you usually eat in a day? Everyday is different!  I’ve been trying intermittent fasting so I try to eat only from 11AM – 7PM everyday but do have my superfood packed matcha every morning. It’s matcha, collagen, MCT, pearl, maca, cinnamon, 2 oz almond milk, hot water, and blend. Maple is optional. My day consists of 90% plants in the form of smoothies, salads, or sautés, plus eggs and quinoa or rice at night with veggies and/or fish. I also have a daily goal of 3Liters of water.

Skin care for your face? I used to have really clear skin and lately it hasn’t been cooperating. I went a little product crazy for a while which only made it worse so now I’m back to a simple routine. I use a charcoal & tea tree oil soap bar to wash at night, and then I switch between Drunk Elephant Marula Oil or the Advanced Resurfacing Retinol cream by Renee Rouleau. Post workout, I use Acure wipes that have zinc to help with breakouts. I have a great eye cream also by Renee Rouleau that I started using at night and love. I’ve found the simpler the products, the better my skin seems to look. Sometimes you just have to let it breathe and do its thing.

Skin care for your body? Unlike my face, Im pretty lax with this. I’ll use a Vitamin E oil or Coconut oil if I’m feeling dry, but typically I don’t do much.

Care for your hair? I have naturally curly, dry hair so I try to only wash it once or 2x a week. Right now, I’m using plain old Dr. Bronner’s for my body and hair.

Any rituals for getting ready for the day and for going to sleep at night? I really try to take some time to myself in the morning which is when I have my best ideas and my mind is super clear. It doesn’t always happen, but those 30 minutes reading or just sitting outside makes a big difference.

Vitamins and minerals you take daily? I just started taking HUM Daily Cleanse which I like so far! I also take a probiotic and magnesium.

Vitamins and minerals you take when sick? All of them. I usually grab ginger or turmeric shots from Juice Society and drink the General the second I start feeling off. I also up my water intake and do broths and teas. A lot of liquids, but I feel this works best for me.

Favorite piece of makeup? I’m not big into makeup, but do love the W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick. It gives you such a nice glow and you don’t need much else.

How do you calm yourself when stressed? Working out has been my savior. I had a tough year last year and finally got back into working out 4 or more times a week. Now, if I go a day without moving my body I can feel how much more tense I am. It’s so important to set aside that time for yourself not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

Blemish care? I really believe that your skin is a representation of whats going on in your body which is why when I break out I look inward first. I’m big into face mapping and will run through questions like: Did I eat something that doesn’t sit well with me? How is my digestion? How much water have I been drinking? Is it that time of the month? Once I answer these questions, from there I’ll take care of whatever is needed diet wise, whether that’s more water or herbs, and topically I usually do a dab of tea tree oil and put a dot of Manuka Honey on top. It sounds so random, but I swear by it. Taking zinc can also help with breakouts!

Your philosophy on using food as medicine? I 100% believe in the power of food as medicine. That’s not discrediting the wonderful modern medicine that is out there, but I believe just as much emphasis should be placed on food to not only heal, but prevent. My own journey is a testament to just that. I suffered from chronic migraines and eczema my whole life, and eliminating processed foods, dairy, and meat worked for ME. (Emphasis on “for me” because what works for me, wont work for everyone.) Giving yourself the time to test new food or eliminate others is key – things don’t happen overnight! I spent a year or so tweaking my diet before it became evident what was working and every so often I check in with myself and make tweaks accordingly. Your body is always changing and it will need different things at different times – As long as you are open to that, there is real magic in how healing food can be.
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