To Mothers Everywhere

Happy day, mothers near and far! Breathe easy today knowing, even if only in this moment, you are celebrating a common but extraordinary experience with women everywhere. Despite uncertainty, weariness and stress, give yourself permission to revel in the joyful responsibility of motherhood!

To the expectant mother:
Relish in the miraculous nature of what is happening. Trust that your body was made for this. Know for certain, with every day, from now until the end of time, your heart will expand. Your compassion will explore new boundaries. Your capacity to “do” will change with every opportunity you have to love this child well. Live the truth that rest and personal wellness are gifts that will benefit all in your care. Take a moment to hold that belly, talk to your little one – share your hopes for them and whisper sweet messages – standing firm that you are already a mother. The good and joyful work has started. You are amazing!

To the weary mother:
Rest your head and heart today. Free yourself from feelings of comparison and inadequacy. Remind yourself that so soon, these moments will be but memories. Seek gratitude and try to see the sleepless nights – those so very dreaded as sun falls – as opportunities for solace and reflection. Refuse to feel alone. Seek the community that will know and love you for your current experiences as well as those you hope to embody… in due time, mama. Let yourself breathe, or cry, or even in the hardest moments, smile because that little hint of delight is in there. You’ve got this, and you are cherished!

To the mother who’s found her sweet spot:
Rejoice that you’ve made it this far! Be pleased that you’ve found your stride… and that you can rest easy knowing it’ll all change tomorrow. Embrace the crazy. Let the mess go. Have fun with your little ones! Dance a little harder – play the music a lot louder. Let your little humans lead today because you have worked hard to raise wonderful people, and they will amaze you! Share your gifts and experiences with other women. Lend a hand, and find fulfillment in transferring your energy to those who need it. You are loved!

To mothers everywhere:
You tread in uncharted waters every day. I challenge you today to see that not as a challenge, but as a greeted gift. Each morning brings an opportunity to dig deeper, love harder and try again. Allow yourself to feel energized by sustaining and nurturing a human life rather than burdened by the factors that tend to make this journey feel shaky. Let’s work together to support the tribe of mothers all over the world and to express gratitude for this wild ride!

To all women:
Comfort each other today. Understand that our experiences greatly differ. While our stories are unique, we can speak a common language of love and compassion. Encourage all women – those with children, without children, and in every circumstance – to lead by example. Pave the way for the next generation so they might know kindness and generosity as default behaviors. Acknowledge each other’s heartache, and share in each other’s victories. Celebrate women today and every day!
“And, for all of the women without children, those who wanted children but couldn’t or didn’t for whatever reason, the step-moms, and the forgotten women, today can be an especially lonely day. Take a minute and thank the women in your lives who made a difference. You never know what that one comment can do for a day that is dreaded for many.” -Tricia Teegardin

Happy Mother’s Day!

Image: @thebeeandthefox + @littlewhale3

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Jessie Collins
We often refer to parenthood as the "most" in our house. It's the most rewarding, most gratifying, most difficult, most terrifying, most fulfilling adventure we've ever known. The details change daily, but parenthood is consistently the most everything. These new experiences started the minute we met our first daughter, and nothing could have prepared me for the ways in which I'd need support once I became a mother (twice over!). So now, I write to create community, to give other women a voice and to offer support through the constant mosts of motherhood.