Third Time Around

I made it to yoga today.  Unrolled my yoga mat to find it full of dog footprints and a signed marker drawing. I sit on my folded blanket and look around the room. Adjusting the scarf on my head hiding my unwashed hair. I’m here to escape the chaos of my house. The mountain of laundry that needs to be folded. The toys scattered. The tiny plastic sword that someone threw in the toilet that needs fishing out. I spent the morning surrounded by an empty house and tasks that needed my attention and my hands and achieved nothing. Just stared at my phone and pretended it wasn’t there. So I drove here. To this familiar room with a familiar teacher who I’ve taken classes from the past two pregnancies. I find myself in a familiar place and yet a place I never expected to be again.

In the chaos and the shopping and all the noise, I have this little pocket second where it’s just me and the little growing, swelling belly. I feel the bittersweet joy of the last one. I just finished my last, first trimester. I wear that close to my heart like a treasure. My eyes close and I arrive in the little room, in the tiny space between doing and I wonder: what do I want? How will I do this differently? How will I appreciate the time enough as it already seems to fly through my hands, trailing like sand.

Our little girl, who will you be?  Your space in our family has already begun to materialize, to glow and pulse.  I can see your portrait on the wall next to your siblings.  I’m just not quite able to make out the details.  We listen for your name but we haven’t quite heard it yet.  All straining to find the perfect sound that means you.  It’s turned into quite the dinner ritual.  Both kids coming up with names, Ariel? Aurora? Elsa?  They want you to be named after a princess.

This pregnancy has been more shared than any other. The little hands and cheeks and ears pressed up to my navel. Bumping up against the newness of you. Anxiously inquiring to your size. What fruit are you today little sister?

My little three year old woke up next to me this morning. Sleepy head, eyes foggy, and half closed. Looking confused, he sat up and looked for you. “Where’s the baby, mama?  She already came out. I was just snuggling her.” I finally convinced him that it was just a dream. Just a dream. And you are. A dream that our little family is having together.

What do I want? This. To be together in anticipation. What do I want? For time to slow down.  But that too is just a dream. In that case, I will go slow. I will sit here on my mat and let go of the far away house, of the deeds yet to be done. I want to be within this time, to be present for the transformation, to keep my worries shut outside the door. I want to be awake to greet you as you arrive, my little traveler.

Image by Aneta Hayne Photography

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Melissa Savoie
Melissa has been teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga classes for about six years. She completed her prenatal training while pregnant with her daughter. She has also studied with Tiny Love Doula Certification and taught workshops about the use of yoga to support labor and delivery. She believes that most of all: a yoga class should fit and support the students. She encourages her students to honor their bodies in the moment by knowing that each time we come to our mats we are a different person in a different body. There is no time in life where that is more true than during pregnancy. Her classes support moms to approach each new day on the mat with an open mind and to appreciate the changes happening in body, mind and soul. She believes yoga can support women as they navigate through the enormous transition to motherhood and help them maintain connection with their inner selves as well as build much needed community. So much of the practice of yoga is rooted in self care and self awareness. Both are essential qualities to the process of becoming a parent. She truly believes: when you care for yourself: you care for your child. When not in the studio, Melissa loves to write, to bike and to quilt but most of all to chase her two little ones: five year old Nola and two year old Hugo. You can find more from Melissa on her blog:


  1. posted by
    Kim Gamble
    Feb 22, 2018

    Love this sharing dear Melissa! Consider yourself hugged!!!

  2. posted by
    Barb Smith
    Feb 22, 2018

    Your interpretations of your yearnings and feelings are beautiful, Melissa. I so enjoyed reading them. They brought back to my mind remembrances of my own pregnancies. Thank you for sharing.

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