A Simple “Hello”

About a year ago I started watching Tribe from afar. Who were these ladies? Were they as welcoming as all the stories said? I wanted to attend a class, but always thought – well, I’ll just head to my local gym.

And then earlier this year, with a toddler and an infant at home, Tribe started to pop back up into my consciousness. Mothering is never easy, but the transition from 1 child to 2 was rough for me and I knew I needed to be around women who “get it,” so I sought out Tribe.

The instructors were always so warm, Alex (the owner) was always ready with a smile and a big hug, and I could have my baby with me during class! It was all just wonderful. What an amazing experience for mamas. They even have ambassadors who are there to make sure every mama is taken care of. It really is all it’s cracked up to be.

But then, I attended Tribe’s Moms Night Out Event.

I always get a little scared going to “events.” I usually attend alone – and so I am forced to introduce myself. Walking around, introducing myself, hoping to find a conversation to belly up to and having something to contribute! Sometimes it’s just a lot of pressure. And on a night where I am trying to fit in some self-care, feeling like a stranger in a room full of people who are already connected feels scary and exhausting.

On a hot summer night, I showed up at the event, and was immediately welcomed by the owner, Alex and I felt so loved on! She took a few minutes to connect with me, explained the evening and sprayed me with some magical manifest spray. But then I mingled for a few minutes but before it got to be too much, I headed to the studio space.

I may have been the first one in the room, ready to go! Less mingling with strangers, please! Women filed in, chatting and seeming to have the sweetest connections – they seemed genuinely happy to be with each other. Still, I felt like the new kid in the lunchroom.

Before we began our yoga class, Alex and the instructor led us in introductions. We would go around the room and say: our name, something we loved about ourselves and something we wanted to leave on the mat — something we wanted to shed.

What?! I didn’t even know anybody, how was I going to share such personal information? And something I loved?! Oh my gosh. In a culture of comparison and negativity, the question was welcome but also scary!! And then I thought, just jump in. Jump in and be authentic and these women will catch you.

As we went around the room, women shared amazingly personal things. If I’m honest, I don’t remember the words they said, but I do remember feeling my shoulders drop and my heart burst wide open. THEY ARE REAL. THEY GET IT. THEY UNDERSTAND ME. THEY ARE KIND. It was almost too much to handle and I started to choke up, mostly with gratitude.

All 40 women said something they loved about themselves and something they wanted to leave on the mat and it was a great unifier.

Post class, we headed out of the studio, into the lobby – and I didn’t feel like a stranger about to mingle. I felt like a friend, talking to friends.

The introductions, and the honest answers to the questions cut through the bull, and connected us all as women. Women who are stumbling along, women who are getting it right, women who are trying their best – and it was magical.

I love the workouts and the instructors and getting to have my 8 month old with me in class – it is all 10 stars! But my favorite part of Tribe are the introductions, the connections and the authentic community that is fostered.

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Catia Holm
Catia Hernandez Holm inspires audiences through her candid and poignant motivational writings, videos, and her signature movement, the “Confidence Revolution.” She teaches women how to experience peace and joy, and how to make the most of their days. Through her writing and speaking, she pours energy into encouraging women to RISE and BECOME their most authentic selves and claim their power, peace and joy. Her debut book, The Courage to Become, will be released fall 2017. Catia is a proud wife and mama to two beautiful girls.