Part 3: Your Brave Journey

Thank you for walking into this journey of self-discovery and truth-telling with me. As you reflect on your inner child and her gifts and needs, make time and space to Stop. Breathe. Feel. When you become over-stimulated or flooded, take breaks and consider using a mantra or positive affirmation to self-soothe.

The work you are doing as a parent or caregiver provides a model for your child or teen. As you practice self-care and self-love, you teach self-care and self-love.

Your intention to love yourself and return to the curiosity of a child informs the openness through which you receive and respond to your loved ones– children, partners, family, and friends. Your exploration is nurturing and supercharging the energy that you share with your children; in other words, when you life a brave life of love, you give deep love to your dear ones.

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Courtney Harris
As a Life Coach for Teens and Parents, Courtney supports tweens, teens, and young adults in finding their voice, growing confidence, and thriving. Through 1:1 and small group coaching sessions, teens and tweens are able to overcome anxiety, disconnect, and isolation as they explore their truest sense of self and develop a deep sense of empowerment. Courtney supports parents in practicing self-care, growing alongside their children, and developing balanced sensitivity towards the process their rapidly-changing child is creating. Through Intentional Parents of Tweens and Teens, an online membership for parents of adolescents, Courtney offers parents the time and space to learn, grow, problem-solve, and relate to one another in a supportive community. Sessions with Courtney lovingly guide families in developing the trust, communication, and connection that's crucial for a life of ease.