Three Ingredients to Your Best Self

Live with purpose. Discover your potential. Design your life.

This all sounds really important, right? Something that if we took on the challenge, we’d be a better person – we’d be happier, healthier, more at peace. So, why is it that nurturing our intentions seems to be the last thing we think about every day?

Because LIFE! duh.

It’s difficult to rise above distractions and commitments to make time for what we know inside is most important. Taking a pause, breathing, reflecting, just being feels like a luxury our growing to-do lists will not allow.

I know this personally after my soul simply ran out of hamster wheel gas. With this experience and its insights, I embarked on a mission to help others tap into and activate their intentions.

Three Ingredients:

INTENTIONS are your aim, your purpose or your desire. And, if you are like me, my first intention was to discover what I actually wanted! If you do already know what you want to focus on or where you want to grow, that’s awesome!

Being MINDFUL is simply being conscious or aware of something. You can be mindful of anything! Like the amount of water you’re drinking, to be grateful for the gifts in your life, or what words you choose to use.

You can also simply be mindful of the present moment without judgement – this is the definition of MINDFULNESS or meditation. You’ve likely heard about this technique and the incredible benefits it can have on your wellness.

As we go down this ingredient list, we all (for the most part) get into less comfortable territory. We’re pretty good at talking about intentions, being mindful of them is tough (note: LIFE!) and, finally, developing a meditation practice seems like a huge jump.

Here’s the good news – there are a growing number of people, spaces, tools to help us along the journey. Because I needed a way to be more mindful of my intentions during my day, I created a collection of wearable reminders that I could use to keep me present. I call them “Mindful Marks”. These temporary tattoos are activated with a mini-meditation when you apply/set your intention. They’re also designed to fade so you can renew your commitment or change your focus.

After launching the product, I’ve been inspired by the stories I hear from moms who have proven that setting an intention to be mindful is a powerful step to a happier, healthier self…and, we all know that a happy mom = happy home.

Tips from my friend Nicky, mom of 3 with a PhD in Psychology

  1. Set one specific point of focus that you can activate in your moment-to-moment. As a working mom, Nicky’s time with her children is both limited and precious. She wants every moment possible to be fully present with her children and she noticed that too often when one of her babes would ask for her attention she would reply, almost automatically, with “hold on.” Nicky wanted this to change, so she set a very specific intention to respond differently to her children’s request for her care. With this simple shift, she’s able to take a small step to align with what matters most.
  2. Use reminders in easy-to-spot places to stay present to your intention. Recognizing life is distracting and changing habits takes time without reinforcement, Nicky began using her Mindful Marks to stay present to her intention. When she was at home from work in the middle of chores she was reminded to of her desire to make sure her kids knew how important they are.
  3. Share your experience with others to brighten the path. When Nicky’s 4 year-old daughter asked about her Mindful Mark, she took the opportunity to share the purpose as a teaching moment. What was initially designed as a way of talking to her child about mindfulness and intentions offered a new way for them to connect. Her daughter actually began noticing and asking about her Mindful Marks. These little visual reminders and her daughter’s encouragement are now a simple and fun way for Nicky to stay focused on what matters.

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Natalie Glover
I’m Natalie Glover and I started LumenKind because I believe that by discovering and staying true to our intentions (big or small), we are able to live a more meaningful, productive and peaceful life. As a brand and business strategist, I’ve spent my career helping organizations discover and activate the potential that lies within them – their people, systems, and ideas. The secret was honing the power inside, and then letting it shine through – branding from the inside out. During a time of personal transformation, I came to realize that the same holds true for each and every one of us. This insight was the spark that ignited LumenKind and continues to guide my path forward.