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If you haven’t already heard of Lauren from RETOX, you might possibly be living under a rock. Just kidding – you’re most likely crazy busy being a mom. Lauren has been featured on Dr. Oz, in Life&Style, on Fox Business, and on the cover of Marie Claire.

I am lucky to call Lauren a friend, and to have attended one of her workshops hosted at Wanderlust Austin in 2015.

She’s a total rockstar, and for all the right reasons.

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What inspired you to start your studio + write RETOX?

LIFE. I realized that despite ALL the wellness offerings out there, there was not one straight up, real, effective lens for how to be healthy within the context of your daily life. So I quit my job on Wall Street to start RETOX in 2009 and used that as my platform and proof of concept for my first book, RETOX – a handbook for how to bring real wellness into your real life.

Where does the name RETOX come from?

RETOX is about adding things in to your life to be healthy, as opposed to taking things out. RETOX takes into account your real life – work, family, friends, stress, cravings – and gives you what you need in that moment to be healthy, without the dogma, stress, or unrealistic solutions that often do not work. RETOX is about living life to the max and being as successful and positive in every moment of every day.

What does your morning routine look like?

I actually don’t have a morning routine. Instead I let my body tell me what is right on that particular day. With that said, every morning I wake up, send my husband a love note or emoji – let’s be honest – say thank you to life, drink a massive glass of room temperature water, and take it from there!

What does your wellness routine look like?

I practice RETOX yoga daily, be it at my studio in NYC with one of the members of the team, one of our online videos, or solo ( I meditate for 1 – 10 minutes daily, often in surprising places like the subway – believe it or not – and drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Above all, I say “thank you” to life every day, and always try and appreciate the beauty that is life. In my book, I identify appreciation and happiness as the ultimate keys to wellness!

How have you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone with running your studio and writing RETOX?

I am a tomboy, super athlete super geek, educated in economics and literature at Princeton, then went directly to hit the Trading Floors of Morgan Stanley for 7 years! I would have never ever guessed that this would become my life path, but it became obvious to me that this was my calling – so I took a massive turn, quit in April 2009, and went on my way.

What has surprised you most about your business?

My business and book have very much become my child, and all the students and followers across the globe intimate friends. It has moved me in a way I could have never imagined. I suppose that’s what happens when you pour your blood, sweat, and tears (all quite literal) into something – and do it all on your own!

Moms often put their own needs last. What’s your advice to finding more balance?

Everyone is in search of balance, but as I write in RETOX, I don’t think balance exists in the way we think it should anymore. I tell moms, wives, and well, everyone, to create balance by adding in a few simple things every day: movement, be it a full work out class or one of our 15-minute online classes on; breathing – in and out through the nose – 5 big breaths a day that you focus on; talking to someone you love; sharing a meal with someone you love; and above all, saying thank you to life every day. That’s how I find balance and keep going!

Favorite wellness brand right now?


If you could have lunch with any person living or dead, who would it be and why?

The founder of Nike. Nike is one of the most epic brands ever made (and I have loved it since I was a little kid). After reading his book, Shoe Dogs, it only made me want to meet him more.

More about Lauren:

Author of International Best Seller, RETOX, profiled on Dr. Oz, and named one of the 100 Women in Wellness and Elle’s This is 30,  Lauren never anticipated that the wellness world would be part of her daily, professional life.  In fact, she hated it.  A California girl raised on athletic fields, basketball courts and swimming pools, she traveled east for the classrooms of Princeton, and after graduating moved to New York to take on the Wall Street.  She turned to yoga only as an experimental diversification of her Manhattan treadmill workouts, and meditation only as a an attempt to keep it together on the trading floor.

After the Financial Crisis of 2008, Lauren realized that she could provide what all hard working urban and suburbanites needed and spent countless hours and dollars looking for, but never find – a 360 degree, straight up, realistic lens for wellness, a one stop shop for their aching bodies and stress, anxious, overwhelmed minds.  In the Spring of 2009, Lauren resigned her job as Vice President of Morgan Stanley to launch RETOX, a wellness lifestyle brand, digital magazine, and yoga studio in Manhattan based on yoga, nourishment, mindset and music, and write her first book, RETOX, out with Penguin and translated in four languages.

Since, Lauren has become revered as one of the globe’s top lifestyle, wellness, and yoga experts.  She has led classes for tens of thousands on the Great Lawn of Central Park, in Times Square, Madrid, Barcelona, Panama, opening weekend in Ibiza, the Cannes Film Festival, and more.  Profiled on CNN, Vogue, Bloomberg, Fox Business, SELF, New York Magazine, The Financial Times, New York Times, Marie Claire Spain, NY1 Television, TVE, BBC, The London Financial News, and Poder, just to name a few.  Her classes have been named “New York’s Best,” blog selected by tumblr as one of the world’s 15 best in the space, and been graced with a full page profile in Life & Style and “RETOX is The New DETOX” on the cover of Marie Claire.

Without the help of an agent, manager, or PR agency, Lauren has acquired the aforementioned profiles and more than 300 items of press, a testimony to her innate allure.  In February of 2012, Lauren was selected to lead yoga at Escape for Good, a three-day long event in honor of Muhammad Ali’s seventieth birthday, alongside Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf leading tennis, Tony Hawk, Mia Hamm, Alonso Mourning and many other all-stars. Her talks, classes, and retreats take her around the world, from Europe to Latin America, Asia, and across the United States.

Lauren unites the ancient Tibetan and Indian philosophies of yoga with science, anatomy, and modern day life as the basis of her consulting, speaking, teachings and writings.  Her realistic, straight up modern approach has made her a cult favorite for those in the know.

Lauren is a graduate with Advanced Certifications from Kula Yoga School, the School of Yoga Anatomy, and the Institute of Integrated Nutrition. She has been named the “Goddess of the Sun” in the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan yoga philosophy by Jetsun Luding. She speaks three languages, holds an Intermediate Level Certificate from the International Wine Center and a BA in Romance Languages and Literatures from Princeton University.



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