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Early one morning last year, I stopped by Camille Styles’ house for a little playdate and girl time. I had not yet launched Hello My Tribe, but Camille was already busy in a way I couldn’t yet begin to comprehend –  in the thick of it with two children, along with and all of her other thriving projects. I wondered to myself, “How does Camille have time for a playdate at 9:30am on a weekday?” But somehow she made it all work and scheduled the meet-up.

It was one of those mornings – you know the kind. I was exhausted, felt so rushed to be somewhere and of course, had Asher in tow. I honestly still wasn’t used to this mommy gig. Somehow I arrived on time but showed up in an old pair of yoga pants, a top I don’t think I ever wore again (laundry day!?), no makeup and wet hair. It was a, “Whatever, I’m going to see a girlfriend,” kind of morning.

Meanwhile, Camille answered the door fully dressed, hair done, makeup on, Phoebe dropped off at preschool, and Henry dropped off with the grandparents. I repeat, it was only 9:30am! Turns out Camille also had a last-minute morning meeting scheduled immediately after our get together but without a flinch, she pieced the day together flawlessly.

These days I’m slightly more familiar with how it feels to run a business while also raising a child and still, I do not know how Camille does it all. Luckily she’s giving us a glimpse into her life – how she creates balance and lives with her health and happiness at the core.

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What time do you wake up and what wakes you up? My iPhone is set for 6:15am

First thing you do in the morning? Make coffee and go out on my back patio for some meditation or deep breathing. Starting the day surrounded by nature with a few minutes to myself makes me feel calm and focused, no matter how busy the day ahead may be.

Favorite workout? I love to mix it up! Barre class at MOD, walking with my husband and pushing our kids in the double stroller around the neighborhood, spin class at SoulCycle or Love, and lately I’ve been learning to surf at Nland surf park which is an unbelievable workout.

What do you usually eat in a day? I love vegetables and try to squeeze as many as possible into each meal. Breakfast is usually a green smoothie with spinach, almond butter, almond milk, banana, and vanilla. Lunch is always a big salad, usually with whatever roasted vegetables or protein I have leftover from the night before. I try to make dinner for our family most nights of the week, and it might be grilled veggie tacos, tuna poké bowls, or zucchini noodle pasta.

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Rituals for going to bed? Sleep is super important to me, and since it doesn’t always come easy for me, I do have a bedtime ritual that I try to stick to most nights of the week. I turn off my devices an hour before bedtime, do some stretches, take my Magnesium and drink sleepy tea. Preferably with a good book. Works every time!

How do you calm yourself when stressed? Deep breaths and talk it out with my husband.

What are your secrets to balancing your personal life, motherhood, and work? I’m still figuring it all out myself, but I do try not to multitask. When I’m at work, I focus on my work and try to use my time in productive ways – delegating what I can and bringing my best self to the task at hand. When I’m at home, I’ve been making a major effort to disconnect from work and social media, and give my kids undivided attention. I’ve learned that spending time with them really is about the quality of that time. Thirty minutes of sitting on the floor and really playing with my kids is worth far more than a couple hours of time spent watching television together.

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Who is your tribe made up of to support you not only being a successful mother, but a successful entrepreneur? I’m so thankful to have friends who balance work and motherhood so beautifully. We have many conversations about how challenging it can be, and we encourage each other to not feel guilty for leading a multifaceted life where we’re called on to wear many different hats.

If you could give new moms one piece of advice, what would it be? It goes so quickly. Give yourself time each day to stop and really savor your children. Don’t let the busy trap get in the way of enjoying time with your kids.

If you could give a new blogger one piece of advice, what would it be? Find your unique point-of-view — no one else is just like you, and I believe that everyone has something personal and creative to share with the world. Be consistent, stay true to your vision, and know that growing a blog takes dedication and perseverance, so it only works if you feel really passionate about what you’re putting out there.


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Alex Winkelman
Alex founded Hello My Tribe not because she was an expert on motherhood, but because she was a mom who desperately needed support and community. During those tough first months of motherhood, Alex spent day after day reading and learning about motherhood. She learned: 1. She wasn’t alone in her feelings about motherhood. 2. Everything we could have ever dreamt of existed for the baby, but there was a lack of resources for the woman/mother 3. There are many maternal health issues in our country that need attention and need to be addressed. Hello My Tribe was built upon these needs. Previous to launching Hello My Tribe in 2016, Alex was a professional and volunteer fundraiser, raising millions of dollars for non-profit organizations. Alex lives in Austin, TX with her son and two rescue dogs.


  1. posted by
    Alison Rebecca Martin
    Aug 10, 2017

    That image of you showing up at her house like that is cracking me up! I did a project for Camille once and also had to show up, also looking less than stellar. I’m kind of a hot mess kinda woman, so I could hardly apologize. Nevertheless, I do think my best self would shine through more if I was taking sleep and focus more seriously. I really appreciated this interview! Thank you!

    • posted by
      Alex Winkelman Zeplain
      Aug 11, 2017

      Glad I’m not alone! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing Alison!

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