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Hi My name is Sarah Bensley, and I’m Co-Owner of Sentrel Beauty Store in Northwest Austin. My business partner, James Bryant and I founded Sentrel, an all natural and organic beauty store on the revelation that we simply weren’t being as kind to our body as we could be. As hairstylists we were using products that could potentially be harmful to ourselves and our clients. For the new shop we developed The Sentrel Principle to filter out hazardous ingredients, leaving only high performing, clean alternatives.

The standards we have set in order to distinguish the finest beauty products that are natural and organic, cruelty free, environmentally sustainable, free of harmful ingredients and effective. The result is a curation of the best in beauty that nourish your body and deliver amazing results.

As a part of The Sentrel Principle, James and I research and test each brand so that our customers don’t have to read the fine print. We makes sure you won’t find ingredients that are commonly found in traditional personal care products that can cause or exacerbate minor skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, chronic oiliness or dryness, as well as hormone disruption or cancer-causing carcinogens.

We also care about our planet and all of the animals on it. Every line we carry must share the same values. You won’t find a product on our shelves that is tested on animals or that negatively impacts the environment. Most lines that are naturally derived also take great care to use eco-friendly packaging, responsibly source their ingredients, and often donate to causes to help restore the environment. Sentrel seeks those brands that strive to contribute in those ways and more.

Above all we are a beauty and lifestyle company. You can walk into any retailer and purchase a natural shampoo, however you’re not going to get the performance and luxurious experience that you would with the brands that we curate. You shouldn’t have to compromise performance in order to be healthy.

Our mission in developing The Sentrel Principle is to make natural the new norm. We are facilitating the change that we want to see in the world by improving the current landscape in beauty.

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