Biet Simkin on Going Inward, Being Present, and Self-Care

Biet Simkin is an inspiration. Life is full of ups and downs. What can we learn from it all? How does the journey shape us? Our conversation with Biet was enlightening. Biet is an artist, author, and a spiritual teacher. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Vogue, Travel + Leisure, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Time, and more. Biet’s perspective is truly eye opening. We are honored for her to share her unedited life with us.

Can you tell us a bit about your life that has shaped you into the person you are today? Being poor my whole life, losing almost my whole family to death, losing my daughter to death, over coming drug addiction matched by being raised by an awakened Shaman father, being rich in heart and love always, endless laughter, spirituality and a love of the divine grounded in complete surrender. Those two worlds colliding is who I am.

How do you honor your loved ones who are not physically here with us? By being a compete version of myself. By surrendering to the divine’s will. By speaking to them daily in my meditation and prayer.

Advice for turning negatives into positives? Why bother it’s all the same thing. When you can see everything as whole you can stop playing that game and relax. Bliss is not positive it is everything.

How did you pick yourself up from your rock bottom? I did not. I just relaxed and trusted and I was shown what to do. When I saw and heard the quiet signs I just followed them and did whatever was asked. On the planet I was dutiful but internally I was just surrendered.

Best first step for someone wanting to start a meditation practice? Sit in silence or with meditation Music for 15 minutes a day. Just do it and see if it changes stuff. Spoiler; it will.

How has meditation personally helped you? My whole life is a result of turning my life over to my inner world. Meditation teaches you to go inward and be with your inner guide. Without meditation I would still be lost. Not that there is anything wrong with being lost, but I find this to be way more enjoyable and aligned.

What are you most proud of? Letting the universe do its thing through me. Being present for the Universe doing its thing through others and loving them with complete abandon. I would say I am most proud of my deep and unedited ability to love.

What is a challenge you are currently facing? Well as I grow I always seem to find new lies I have been telling since I was a child. Today I unravel new lies, like I am ugly or if I don’t xyz then I am not actually valuable. It’s challenging when you have been thinking something since you were a child and it becomes too painful to keep the lie up anymore. I guess one could say this is a challenge but on the other hand, being human humanizes me and my Work and allows me to penetrate the hearts of my students in a way I would not if I was perfect, and so I feel so grateful for these lies and for all my challenges because they make me connected to you. We are tied in our grief and shame just as we are tied in our love and trust.

What are your favorite tools for practicing self-care? Spas. I love hot water and steam maybe more than I love life itself. Also tea, hugs, laughter, connecting with friends, sharing brilliant ideas, massages and lots and lots of breath work. (My list can go on and on as I don’t do anything but self care and I don’t actually see it as “self” care but rather care of everyone as we are all connected.

Daily habits or rituals you practice? Gratitude lists, meditation, breath work, movement, journaling, prayer, elimination of negative thoughts and transmutation into deeper Self love and and awareness, visioning….. my list is a bit of a monster, again. I am 1000% in on my knees devotion to the inner world. So I just basically take any and all opportunities I can to be with her. Through our relationship all relationships are born.

Featured image: Carey Macarthur Photography

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