Welcome to HMT

At Hello My Tribe, we believe that every woman and mother needs and deserves a support system. The majority of mothers report that the village does not exist. We all know the very real consequences that loneliness and isolation have on an individual, family, and society as a whole. Hello My Tribe is determined to change this lack of community and support for today’s women, YOU.

Through community and connection, information and inspiration, and our commitment to advocacy, we provide women with the tools and encouragement to build her support system, whatever that may look like for her. We know that when a woman feels supported, she’s unstoppable.

Why I started Hello My Tribe

In addition to absolute love, happiness, and easy bonding, my transition into motherhood included a deep sense of isolation, loneliness, and exhaustion. I experienced an identity crisis as I shifted from a thriving career to staying home with my baby. And with the day-to-day demands of being a mother, my own needs naturally took a back seat. I felt really confused and misunderstood by my opposing feelings about motherhood.

Looking back, I needed more of everything as a mom – more support, more community, more information, and more opportunity.

Through these experiences, I wanted to learn and understand more. Three big findings came out of my research. 1) I was not alone in my experiences. 2) Every possible tool and resource existed for the baby, but there was a total lack of attention on the woman. 3) Maternal health in the US and around the world was failing women.

About our Founder

Alex Winkelman began her career in philanthropy while receiving her BA from St. Edward’s University studying Social Entrepreneurship. By the age of 25, Alex had built a community of thousands and was responsible for raising millions of dollars for charity through her non-profit Citizen Generation and volunteer roles that she took on.

Her work gained much respect in Austin and led to her to a seat on top nonprofit boards and a Mayor’s council, being the youngest recipient of the St. Edward’s Alumni Achievement Award, and being the youngest Women of Distinction from Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

In 2014, Alex took a step back from her career to focus on her pregnancy and being a mother. It didn’t take long for Alex to jump back in, though. Through her own personal journey into motherhood that included an identity crisis, postpartum struggles, and an autoimmune disease diagnosis, Alex’s eyes were opened to the many issues facing women and mothers today in the United States. Inspired to create change, Alex launched Hello My Tribe, a digital platform and community focused on women’s health.