Birth Prep #1: Recognize Where You Are Right Now

Exercise and Tip for Birth Prep #1

Exercise: Sit comfortably in a space with minimal distractions. Close your eyes. Inhale 8 seconds into your nose, pause, then exhale 8 seconds out through your nose. Repeat until you feel you have fully settled into your body. Now imagine you are in a safe space. Imagine feeling comforted, supported, and entirely free to be exactly who you are. Who is your protector? It could be someone alive or passed on, or even someone imaginary. Thinking of this person should not bring you grief, only a feeling of safety. For me, my protector is Indiana Jones. Stay in this safe space with your protector and just observe all the sensations and details that come to you. Are any words being spoken? Any touch? Is your back being rubbed lovingly or your hand held? Maybe you are being fully embraced. Practice going and staying in this space whenever you feel you need to. If someone or something in the next 9 months causes you to feel scared, just come back to the breath and if you need to, go in your mind to your safe space.

Tip: Try rhythmic tapping on your legs or hands to help your brain and body connect to this place of safety. It is theorized that this tapping is comforting, like the sound of our Mother’s heartbeat.

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Dr. Grace Abruzzo
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