Birth Prep #6: Do Not Deliver on Your Back

Exercise and Tips for Birth Prep #6

Exercise: Practice alternate positions before the baby’s birthday so that you are more comfortable with them: kneeling, hands and knees, and squatting. Spend some time in each one and imagine which position you will feel safest, confident, and comfortable in. Practice imagining yourself giving birth in this position because if you are timid and unsure, than lying on your back might be a better option for you just so that you can relax.

Tips: Give your obstetrician a heads up that you will not be delivering on your back during a prenatal visit. If your OB is hesitant in this or does not support you completely in this, than consider finding a new doctor.

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Dr. Grace Abruzzo
Hello! I am physical therapist and wellness coach in Los Angeles specializing in pelvic health for women. I use an integrative approach to treating women in preparation and recovery from childbirth. You will also find me in the birth room, providing Mamas support during labor and birth. I love reminding women how powerful they are.