Birth Prep #2: Information is Empowering

Exercise and Tip from Birth Prep #2

Exercise: Practice the Pause. The Pause is the space between the question and the answer. It often feels uncomfortable or dangerous. However, this is a gift to your brain, which will allows your decisions to be processed in the forebrain, the part for critical thinking, rather than the hindbrain, which reacts to danger. The next 9 months, practice setting boundaries in your life. When asked a question, first Pause. Take a deep inhale and exhale out of your nose, relax your face, and consider asking for time to consider the question before you respond with an answer. Is your answer fully representing what you want or need or is it in service of anyone else? As my close friend often reminds me, “make pro-you decisions!”

Tip: When it comes to healthcare decisions, practice BAR. Ask for the Benefits, Alternatives, and Risks. If your obstetrician says to you, “We need to perform an episiotomy to help deliver your baby.” You or your birth partner can respond with, “What are the benefits, alternatives, and risks?”

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Dr. Grace Abruzzo
Hello! I am physical therapist and wellness coach in Los Angeles specializing in pelvic health for women. I use an integrative approach to treating women in preparation and recovery from childbirth. You will also find me in the birth room, providing Mamas support during labor and birth. I love reminding women how powerful they are.