Our Community Starts With You

Looking back, the best advice I ever received before my daughter was born was, “moms need other moms.” At the time I didn’t understand the depth of truth in that statement and I wouldn’t until I was knee-deep into life with a new baby. Suddenly I was desperate to be the best version of myself for my husband and baby but was too worn down to believe that was possible. I needed other moms – I needed a tribe. I needed the [unspoken] permission to focus on my own wellness, not out of selfish intent, but for our entire family.
– Jessie

I joined Tribe because I believe in its vision and what it represents to me and my daughter. Tribe is an innovative, yet warm way to approach holistic wellness for mothers, and I want to be a part of its growth from the beginning. I also want my daughter Cecilia to see her mama taking care of herself from an early age, and I love that we get to be together for so many classes. I found it difficult to find fitness programs in which I could bring Cecilia and have her close to me. I love that I get to share this time with Cecilia, and in an environment where the focus is on the community and the well-being of moms like me.
– Patty

Becoming a mom is one of my favorite accomplishments, but adjusting to motherhood is in no way easy! It’s exhausting, it’s challenging, it’s inspiring, and it’s easy to get lost in raising a tiny little human and forgetting to take care of yourself. At least it was for me. Tribe is my way of taking a few hours a week to be quiet and reconnect with my body and mind and surround myself with other women on this same journey. And I love that Lucy gets to play and learn social skills in a big safe space while I’m having a little bit of important “me time” just a few doors down.
– Katy

I joined Tribe because the absolute hardest part of motherhood for me has been feeling isolated and alone. Having a place where I can connect in person with other moms while doing something for my own well being is a dream come true!
– Cassidy

The city of Austin, getting 3 hours of sleep, and having a little person were all new to me. I was searching for a place where I could connect with other mommas. But what I found is so much more. Tribe has given me a beautiful support system of moms, a way to get active (which is crucial on those 3 hours of sleep), and an amazing way to bond with my baby. I couldn’t survive this crazy, new adventure of motherhood without it.
 – Anne

I love Tribe because it has given me the time and even the confidence to start working on myself again. The fact that I can bring my almost 4 month old to workout with me is something I never thought I could do. It is amazing that I can better myself with these classes all while spending precious time with her. The overwhelming support from all the other moms makes it that much better!
– Jonica

As a new mom-to-be, there’s so much to learn. What I love most about Tribe is how much I learn from being around the other moms that you cannot get from a book or a blog post. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fitness classes that are tailored for my growing belly; but getting to know other mothers and hear their stories has been an invaluable experience to me in this exciting journey.
– McCall

I am so excited to have found a place I can take care of my body AND my children at the same time! My husband and I “tag team” our schedules, so one of us is almost always flying solo with our two kids. That makes it hard to get to exercise classes, yoga, and any kind of self care for either us! At Tribe, it is so wonderful to be able to wear my baby while I’m exercising, or know that both she and my very active 4-year- old will be having a great time in the childcare room while I’m in class. The childcare staff is very caring (they even wore my baby while she napped!), the teachers are wonderful about giving modifications to help us stay healthy and safe postpartum while still getting a good workout, and I’m grateful to have connected with other moms at a similar place in life. At Tribe, I always feel welcome, my kids are welcomed and loved, and it feels like everyone is working together. It’s a gift to find this community space during this very wonderful and very challenging season of life.

After trying out Tribe, I knew I wanted to join. The classes were challenging and fun. I loved how the environment was welcoming to women/moms in different stages. My daughter had a great time in childcare. That is also key.
– Megan

I joined Tribe because I wanted a place that I could take classes that I love while surrounding my children in a positive caring community. Having a community of moms and instructors that inspire me makes the parenting journey so much easier. I’m so thankful for Tribe! 
– Shannon

I had been looking for a fitness studio that offered challenging, diverse classes and quality childcare for awhile and never found one that worked for me. Then I met Alex and found out about Tribe. It was exactly what I was looking for! I quickly realized that Tribe offers so much more than just great fitness classes. When you join Tribe, you are joining a community of women who all share the common experience of being a mom including all the highs and lows.
– Andrea

I wasn’t sure how bringing Max, my very active non walking 14 month, to a fitness class would work. Either it was going to be the best thing ever or complete madness. We made it through our first class, Strength & Tone and I actually got sweaty! Two days later, we were back for Mommy & Me Wellness and the lightbulb moment occurred. WE really needed this, we need a tribe. And we immediately joined. #hookedontribe
– Ashley