Three Foods Every Breastfeeding Mother Should Eat

Breastfeeding your bundle of joy is one of the most incredible experiences a mother can have. It evokes a bond and connection that is difficult to duplicate in other aspects of mommyhood. While breastfeeding can come naturally to many women, there are just as many out there struggling with the adjustment. Your milk supply can be extremely high causing engorgement or on the lower side which usually leaves you and your baby frantic. There are a few things that can help reduce stress when breastfeeding and the number one adjustment is your diet. Below are the top three foods you should go out of your way to stock in your kitchen.


Yes, oatmeal. Something this simple and comforting is one of the most beneficial additions to a breastfeeding mama’s diet. Oatmeal in all of its forms (steel cut, whole, quick cooking, etc) contains an incredible array of nutrients like protein, fiber, carbohydrates and phytochemicals all of which promote a full supply of nourishing milk for your little one. Mothers with low iron levels often struggle with their milk supply and oatmeal can help because it is loaded with iron. Not only are the nutritional benefits bar-none, oatmeal itself is a comfort food. Scientists have proven that consuming “comfort foods” actually release oxytocin and relaxin from the brain, which stimulates milk production and flow and keeps mamas relaxed and happy to boot. Super food indeed!


Chlorella is fresh water green algae packed with amazing nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Several studies have shown how effective it is at removing toxins from your body (before entering your breast milk); furthermore, it removes an exceptional amount of mercury. Most everyone, healthy or not has some level of mercury contamination. It can come from dental implants, consumption of certain types of fish and even using non-stick cookware. In short, chlorella can help reverse a lot of the mercury build-up in your system and even prevent passing it to your baby through breast milk. That is nothing short of amazing!


The more we learn about coconuts, coconut milk, coconut water and coconut oil the more amazed the Little Spoon team is – its incredible healing properties and health benefits are through the roof. Coconut is a part of a unique group of foods composed of good saturated fats known as “medium chain fatty acids” and a mother’s breast milk is another. EFAs and Omega-3s help increase a woman’s supply several ways. The first is by simply improving mom’s nutrition so she can produce the hormones necessary for milk production. Also, essential fatty acids are actually part of what breast milk is made of. Naturally, having more EFAs available will allow mom to produce more nutritious breast milk. Coconuts also contain an incredible fat called Monolaurin which naturally boosts the growth of brain cells as well as helps reduce the impact of other behavioral issues later in life. Scientists have affirmed how critical Lauric Acid is to growing children so as a breastfeeding mom it makes sense to put forth effort to increase your lauric acid as well. A super simple way to do this is by supplementing Virgin Coconut Oil into your diet – just one tablespoon a day is enough to boost a mother’s breast milk supply for the next three days. Don’t worry: coconut oil is not your only option as grocery stores are packed with coconut products galore: milk, water and coconut meat are all fantastic ways to consume your daily serving. Eat up so baby can drink up!

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