Meet Pamela Torres of Classic Childhood

Meet Pamela Torres of Classic Childhood, a “thoughtful” clothing brand designed for babies and kids and inspired by today’s European fashion trends. This Austin-based company is committed to sustainability and contributes to the environment by re-purposing scrap fabric and turning it into baby accessories. Further, Classic Childhood empowers women who are struggling either socially or financially by giving them a flexible jobs.

How would you describe being both a mother and an entrepreneur?
Being a mother and an entrepreneur is a very satisfying combination of roles because I love being both. I have a son, and he is the motivation for my business; so you can see a big relationship between these two parts of my life.

When I was at the hospital after a very intense labor and delivery, my first thought was, “Wow, that was by far the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” followed by a feeling of fulfillment. Since then I’ve made a strong connection between tough and fulfilling, and that realization motivates me every day.

What does balance look like for you?
For me balance is the way you organize yourself and your time every day. Balance means not forgetting the things that matter the most. In my life this looks like spending enough time with my family, accomplishing personal and work goals and meditation.

What advice would you give a fellow mother wanting to start her own business?
First and foremost, make sure your partner (boyfriend, husband, wife, or any family member helping you raise your children) supports you and understands your dreams.

Second, nobody regrets being brave – never forget that. The world needs more brave business moms and leaders because we care a lot about our children, we are responsible for future generations and we know we have to raise amazing people to make change happen. Go for it – you’ll either succeed or learn!

What values are most important to you as Classic Childhood grows?
Above all, we should always pursue sustainability. We must care about our environment and our community. We now have a sustainable collection –  we rescue men’s dress shirts and make baby rompers with them. We have a “zero waste” strategy for our products and use our scrap fabric as filling for decorative pillows and accessories. We also want to increase our offerings of flexible jobs within our production team for women who are struggling socially or financially.

What challenges are you currently facing with the business?
I face quite a lot of challenges, but my biggest is finding the right people. Classic Childhood is a new venture, and nothing about it is black and white. I like working with open-minded and flexible people.

What challenges are you currently facing in your personal life?
I wish every day would have more than 24 hours and that I’d have more energy. Balance is a daily battle, and it has never been easy. Still, I do my best.

What would you consider your most recent big win?
There is nothing more rewarding than receiving emails from our customers telling us how much they love the clothes we made for their kids. Recently we’ve been taking special orders for customers who have lost beloved family members. We make rompers for their babies using a shirt that belonged to their lost one. It creates an emotional connection between me and the customer and gives me great joy. That feeling is priceless and undeniably a big win for me.

What tools do you use on a daily basis to help stay organized and focused?
I love the ASANA app. It is free and helps me organize my tasks and projects with my team. With this app, I can share files, images, comments and manage other tasks. Another tool I love is Google Drive. It’s excellent for working remotely with your team. I also add all events into my cellphone calendar along with a couple of alarms a day before or an hour before the event.

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