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Labor Advice from Real Moms

“Throw all expectations out the window. My three births were all so different and sooooo not what I was expecting.” -Cassidy

“You are strong, safe and capable.” -Doulas of Austin

“Trust in yourself and in your body. Both can do incredible things.” -Liz

“It’s going to be hard at times. It’s going to be absolutely painful. Pain you never thought you’d be able to bear. But you will bear it, you will bear it with all that you are and all that you are is strong, beautiful, and powerful! You will use all your might, but it will bring into this world the most wonderful gift, this life could ever give you. Your body, it really knows what to do. Listen to it, know your body well so that in the moments when those around you might take the wheel to make the decisions to help you, that it is one that will help in the process. BREATHE! Always breathe, because that breath of yours it keeps you connected with your baby. After all, your arm shall blanket with love the most precious gift ever!” -Maria

“Take a sip of water after every contraction and stay at home till you can’t deal. Comfy vibes at home and baths and showers bring on baby!” -Christian

“Don’t induce labor with meds unless you have to.” -Shelley

“To keep your noises low and guttural, not high pitched. Low will help you relax, open and ground. High will activate your fight or flight instinct and in turn make you pull up, close and generate fear.” -Cara

“Don’t fight your contractions by tensing up – focus on keeping every muscle in your body as relaxed as possible during the contractions. Also, stay standing up as much as you can.” -Anjali

“Horse breaths. Lots of horse breaths. And channeling the strength of all the mamas that came before me and rocked it.” -Amy

“Don’t try to plan it, just go do it. You got it!” -Mazzi

“You might have a c-section. And that’s ok.” -Sarah

“Ride the wave and don’t grip the board too tight!” -Katelyn

“Trust your gut.” -You’re Mom (podcast)

“Find your peace and labor in the dark! There is science out there that suggests women who labor in darkness or without artificial light progress quicker!!!” -Michelle

“While pushing keep pelvis in neutral position…studies show this provides baby more room to descend through birth canal and can significantly shorten pushing stage🙌🏼. And look into hiring a doula.” -Rachel

“Get an epidural.” -Veronika

“Remember that your contractions are not stronger than you because they ARE you, and the only thing that will put them to rest is your beautiful baby waiting to breathe his first breath on the outside. So keep breathing low and slow, get out of your head and channel your inner warrior. Also, hire a birth doula!” -Amanda

“Stand up! Do not lie down on your back. Gravity will make things go soooo much faster. Wait as long as possible for epidural. And then ask for a LIGHT epidural. A heavy epidural is awful. You can always ask for more but you can’t take any off. Remember you are the client and they are serving you! If you don’t like your nurse, ask for a new one. They should respect all of your wishes at a hospital. Hands off my baby as soon as the baby is born. Baby is on me and no one touches her/him after that. No deep suction. No bath. No eye gel. No hepb shot. I did do Vitamin K shot much later, but not sure I recommend. Just do your research on standard hospital procedures. Most do more research on a stroller than on birth. Sooooo important for a gentle start for baby. 3 with epidural, 3 without. All amazing births! And a natural birth is the MOST amazing experience of your life. It is hard but soooo worthy. The biggest difference in my opinion is the epidural makes you feel a tiny bit buzzed. And you don’t NEED the baby like you do when you gave a natural birth. The epidural def blocks those love hormones. You want the baby but you don’t NEED the baby as you do when it’s natural. It is a very different feeling. Go natural if you can. What our body was made to do!” -Mary

“Don’t feel guilty if your body doesn’t work just the way you planned. Every labor and birth is different. Do what feels best to you. You grew a human. You’re already amazing and nothing can change that!” -Austin

“Connect with baby and give he/she guidance for the journey ahead, “head down with chin tucked, back to belly and arms down. “ Feel as though each contraction is a hug for your sweet baby.” -Bea