Gluten-Free Cinnamon Rolls (Vegan and Nut-Free Too)

I have absolutely fallen in love with Detoxinista, and these Cinnamon Rolls are AMAZING! I love that they are made with pumpkin and chia or flax seed, and the glaze made with cashews.

A few tips before baking.

  • Read every single one of Megan’s words on the recipe–from the intro, to the tips, ingredients, and actual directions. Read them ALL before starting.
  • I used ground flax seed instead of ground chia, simply because I didn’t have ground chia.
  • I found that the Maple Glaze was delicious and enough, so we didn’t need to use the Powdered Sugar Glaze (yay for less sugar!).
  • For the filling, with my first batch I did not use enough sugar or cinnamon. Therefore, when I rolled them, there wasn’t a clear swirl, and it definitely needed more flavor. Second batch, I filled a 1/2 cup about 3/4 full with coconut sugar and spread that across the dough. And then I covered it heavily with cinnamon.

Good luck!



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