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Thankful for Friendships

Women, mothers, friends.

I recently read a quote that one of the best things about motherhood is the other moms. I could not agree more.

Over the last year, I have created some amazing new friendships, all through a common bond of being a mom. And I’ve had old friendships strengthen through my own motherhood journey.

I’ve also lost friends. A few important lessons I have learned over the last year about saying goodbye. I spent a lot of time focusing on the loss, instead of focusing on the good–the people who I love and love me back unconditionally. I also learned that life is constantly sifting, and motherhood is like a huge earthquake. After all of that sifting, what you’re left with is solid gold.

Honestly, life would be rough without these solid gold women. They support me, inspire me, challenge me, love me, care about me. I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

You are in control of your relationships and community. Sometimes is takes time and effort to find your people. Do it. And when you do, love them hard.

Image: Angela Doran Photography

Alex has a love for branding, building partnerships, developing strategy, and creating community. At 21, Alex Founded Citizen Generation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating the habit of giving in new and young donors. After five years and raising millions of dollars for nonprofits, Alex became a mother and decided to channel her talents into building programming and community for other moms. Alex founded Hello My Tribe in 2016 to bring community and wellness back to motherhood.

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