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Childcare at Tribe

hello my tribe,

I take a lot of pride in childcare at Tribe. Before Tribe existed, I tried many different places that offered childcare (all fitness facilities). So many important elements that I was looking for were missing. I didn’t love any of the experiences to the point that I looked forward to my son Asher spending time there. (Now that Asher is “older,” plays with other children, and is more independent, we greatly enjoy other childcares around town.)

When I launched Tribe, I was very aware of the needs of mothers and children. My son, who was 20 months at the time, was going to spending hours there each day; it had to be the best.

The success of a mother’s visit to Tribe greatly depends on her child’s experience. Offering baby friendly classes five days per week takes a lot of the stress and anxiety out of attending a workout class. It is so nice having your baby with you in case he/she needs to be changed, needs a feeding, needs some momma cuddles. And once you and your babe are ready for childcare, we are there for you.
Our boutique style childcare is an amazing benefit of Tribe. We are membership focused for a number of reasons, a big one being our childcare. We want all children attending Tribe to be comfortable, to feel confident, and to feel at home. This only happens with consistency (babes thrive off of it!). Our members make an effort to come multiple times per week, thus spending time in Tribe childcare becomes part the routine that their children look forward to each day. The children make friends and they build relationships with our caregivers–it’s pretty special.
What we do in childcare is very unique. We cycle through a schedule every hour of difference activities–free play, yoga, music, art, story time, puzzle time, snack time. And we employ absolutely wonderful, hands-on people to help make all of this happen.

As we move into our new home for Tribe classes and childcare, we are excited to bring with us experiences that we had at our past studio, to implement changes, and to work with our new gym partner. To perfect the experience in childcare, Tribe memberships will be greatly limited during our launch. As we will be accepting a wider age range in childcare, needs of our members and their children is something we will be closely monitoring. We always have two adults in childcare with a max of 12 children. However, the age of the children attending can affect our ratio/capacity, and this is something we need to understand better before we can open up memberships to more families.

Once the remaining 23 memberships are reserved for a start date of May 22nd, we will begin our wait list. I am hopeful that we will accept new members by mid June/early July. Email [email protected] to reserve your membership.

thank you! xoxo, alex

PS. We are currently searching for amazing individuals to join the Tribe team in childcare. We aim to hire people with past experience working in childcare, and/or people who are children’s yoga instructors, music teachers, art teachers, etc. If interested, please email us at [email protected].

Alex has a love for branding, building partnerships, developing strategy, and creating community. At 21, Alex Founded Citizen Generation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating the habit of giving in new and young donors. After five years and raising over $4M for other nonprofits, Alex became a mother and decided to channel her talents into building programming and community for other moms. Alex founded Hello My Tribe in 2016 to bring community and wellness back to motherhood.

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