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Mom Owned: Branch Basics

  • Branch Basics is a lifestyle, wellness brand that is on a mission to help people remove harmful chemicals from their daily lives so they can experience the power of pure. We provide safe, non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaning products.
  • About Me: I studied Kinesiology at The University of Texas at Austin and have always been fascinated by the human body and health. I became hooked on living a cleaner, less toxic lifestyle after witnessing my best friend reverse her debilitating condition with diet and environment after years of conventional medical treatment that had been unresponsive. I spent the summer of 2008 detoxing in an environment free of harmful chemicals and eating only according to the principles of Food As Medicine. The results? All of the “normal” problems I experienced most of my life (dry and itchy eyes, painful menstrual cramps, headaches, and frequent stomach aches) disappeared! I couldn’t believe it. Turns out they don’t have to be normal after all, and I have been passionate about helping others avoid unnecessary suffering ever since. I founded Branch Basics along with Allison Evans, my best friend mentioned above, and Marilee Nelson, Allison’s aunt.
  • Motherhood: Branch Basics was my “baby” until last November when my little girl, Reid, was born. Motherhood has rocked my world in the absolute best way possible and has helped put my workaholic tendency in perspective. But balancing growing a company and a child -and being a wife! – is a serious, daily struggle! Thankfully, I love what I do and people don’t seem to mind when a cute baby joins our meetings.
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Alex has a love for branding, building partnerships, developing strategy, and creating community. At 21, Alex Founded Citizen Generation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating the habit of giving in new and young donors. After five years and raising over $4M for other nonprofits, Alex became a mother and decided to channel her talents into building programming and community for other moms. Alex founded Hello My Tribe in 2016 to bring community and wellness back to motherhood.

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