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About a Woman Who is Also a Mother

I recently looked at my husband, not knowing exactly how to articulate my thoughts, and said, “I feel like the most used tool in the tool box, and lately it’s been hard for me to feel like a...

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To Mothers Everywhere

Happy day, mothers near and far! Breathe easy today knowing, even if only in this moment, you are celebrating a common but extraordinary experience with women everywhere. Despite uncertainty,...

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Own Your Time

Being free to experience life to the fullest is a concept that most of us chase. We understand that there is a value in being free. A value in engaging in what our heart desires. And ultimately...

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Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

Two months postpartum and I was having a dilemma. Beyond the daily conundrums of “Is my baby eating enough?”, “Is that rash normal?”, or “What does that cry mean?”, I was having a problem of the...

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Interview: Lori Bregman

hello my tribe, Ever wonder what inspires someone to become a doula? Working with women, births, and babies is very special work. When I first met Lori, it made total sense that she was a doula;...

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Childcare at Tribe

hello my tribe, I take a lot of pride in childcare at Tribe. Before Tribe existed, I tried many different places that offered childcare (all fitness facilities). So many important elements that I...

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Capturing the Moments

I am a little obsessed with photo shoots. Not the hair, makeup, and wardrobe (which can equal a lot of time, money, and stress). Rather, I’m obsessed with capturing the moments, and having...

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