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Capturing the Moments

I am a little obsessed with photo shoots. Not the hair, makeup, and wardrobe (which can equal a lot of time, money, and stress). Rather, I’m obsessed with capturing the moments, and having my hands on something I can keep forever. I’m sentimental. I can cry at just about anything. And I can spend hours scrolling through photos.

And let me tell you, when we have done family photo shoots in the past, I put a lot of energy into them. Yet, I usually leave feeling like something was missing; that the little, yet sweetest moments weren’t captured.

I was recently introduced to Heather and immediately jumped on board with her “documentary” style of shooting a family. She spent the morning at our home, literally just hanging out capturing moments of our normal life. This, this is what I’m talking about. It was so easy, so peaceful, so full of life. Even my husband who doesn’t like “scenes” participated because duh, it was just like any other morning (plus a little extra company from Heather and her camera).

And when she delivered the images a week later, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The photos were full of personality, love, laughs, light. Exactly what I had been envisioning for years, yet never knew how to capture. But Heather did.

These photos are to be treasured for life. They are full of the simple things. And those simple things are what make us happiest: spending time together, playing outside, eating a snack, hugging.

To capture these moments are a gift. Especially to a mother who is obsessed and wants to hold on to each moment for eternity.

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